Anderson-Holton House, c.1968

601 Brookview Drive


Designed by Donald Stewart and built by Robert Anderson in 1968, the Anderson-Holton House is an important example of Modernist architecture in Chapel Hill. Architect Donald Stewart designed many homes and buildings around Chapel Hill and was the original designer of Carmichael Arena on UNC’s campus. Robert Anderson and Donald Stewart were architects and partners at Community Planning and Architecture Associates. Built in the Lake Forest neighborhood, the home is perched on a steep hillside overlooking Booker Creek and served as the Anderson’s family home for many years. William Coker, renowned UNC botanist, once owned the lot the Anderson-Holton House was built on. In 1984, Bill and Bitty Holton purchased the home. The Anderson-Holton House is a crucial home to Chapel Hill, for it helps you to better understand Modernism and its role in shaping Chapel Hill suburbs and the built environment.