Bahansen-Herzenberg House, c.1915

6 Cobb Terrace


Constructed in 1915, the Bahansen-Herzenberg House is in Cobb Terrace, a subdivision of Chapel Hill. Possibly the first suburb in Chapel Hill, Cobb Terrace was designed by Collier Cobb. Cobb sought to provide affordable housing for professors and constructed eleven homes. The Bahansen-Herzenberg House is one of these eleven homes built from an Aladdin Homes kit. Everything needed to construct the home came with instructions and numbers on the materials for easy construction.  The Bahansen-Herzenberg House is another home in the popular trend of kit houses in the first half of the 20th century and one of the 75,000 Aladdin homes built overall.


Jane Burns Cutley Bahansen, a civil rights activist, resided in the home from the 1950s into the mid 1970s. When Chapel Hill’s first black mayor, Howard Lee, decided to run, it was in this home where plans were first discussed. Joseph A. Herzenberg, the first openly gay elected official in North Carolina, also lived in this home.


Today, renovations done by owner Melissa McCullough have made the home modern and efficient which have earned the house the LEED for Homes Silver rating. Though modernized, the home has maintained historical relevance.