Chapel Hill Historic Preservation


Chapel Hill has four National Register districts, three local historical districts, and nine individual properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places, two of which are “National Historic Landmarks”.


The original Chapel Hill National Register district was listed in 1971. It included much of the historic pre-1900 part of the UNC campus including Battle Woods. It generally ended at the South side of Rosemary Street.


The Franklin-Rosemary local historic district was created in December, 1976. When created it was much larger than the National Register district but excluded the UNC campus and Battle Woods.


PCH contracted for a professional historic re-survey of the original 1971 National Register district resulting in a doubling of its size in 2015 including three areas outside of the local historic district.


The Gimghoul local historic district and national historic districts were both estab-lished in the same year, 1993, and overlay slightly with the 1971 National Register district. PCH did a photographic update of Gimghoul in 2013.


The Old Chapel Hill Cemetery was listed on the National Register in 1994.


The Rocky Ridge National Register district was listed in 1989 and expanded slightly in 2008. It includes most of the Laurel Hill Rd neighborhood.


The Cameron-McCauley local historic district was established in 1990. The West Chapel Hill National Register district was established in 1998 and generally over-lays the local historic district. A project is underway to add marginal areas to the National Register district.