Farrar-Pagano House, c.1929

114 Laurel Hill Road

Preston Farrar purchased the tract of land this home sits on from William Coker in 1928. This two-story Stucco style home was completed just two years later. It is part of Coker’s historic Rocky Ridge Neighborhood, Chapel Hill’s second area of “planned suburbanization.”


Farrar attended Washington and Jefferson College in Pennsylvania. After graduation, he taught English in Pennsylvania and New York high schools. Upon taking a job at UNC, he moved to Chapel Hill with his wife, Edna, two children, and father. Farrar taught English and Drama at the university. Edna often assisted her husband in his productions by hosting plays at their home or making costumes. Because of his love of drama and theater, he built an indoor theater and an outdoor amphitheater on the property.


The home stayed in the Farrar family until Joseph Pagano purchased it in 1974. Pagano founded the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center in Chapel Hill. He is currently the Center’s director emeritus. After purchasing the home, Pagano undertook a large renovation project which included enclosing the side and rear porches in order to add a kitchen, studio, and garden room. Further renovations were made in 2002 when a new wing was added.