Preservation Chapel Hill

Former Interns

​Preservation Chapel Hill provides internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Our internship experience includes: a professional setting doing real-world projects in Chapel Hill and the surrounding communities; field trips to historic sites, museums, archives, and organizations to learn more about the many aspects of public history; workshops on resume building, oral history techniques, architecture, and other topics; and public presentations talking about projects and experiences as an intern. 


Past interns have worked on the Preservation Plaque Program, conducted research for Voices From the Grave, the Holiday House Tour, and several history and art exhibits. 

Graham Berkelhammer -
Summer 2014

Educational Programming Intern

Graham served as an Educational Programmer during the summer of 2014. During his internship, he focused on giving Walk This Way guided walking tours of Chapel Hill and Carrboro. He created material for the tours, and helped revised them as well. Also, Graham contributed research for our annual living history event, Voices from the Grave. Voices is held every fall at Old Chapel Hill Cemetery where actors portray “ghosts” interns have researched. Read more about Graham's work with PCH in UNC's article about the internship program. 


Graham is from Greensboro, North Carolina, and has lived in North Carolina his entire life. He is majoring in History at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, concentrating in American History while also minoring in Chemistry. Someday Graham would like to attend law school, but is passionate about teaching, with hopes of eventually becoming an academic professor. He is passionate about his roots, carrying a love for Greensboro and Chapel Hill. 

Samantha Busch - 2014 Fall 2014-Spring 2015
Educational Programming Intern

Samantha is from Charlotte, North Carolina. She graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in May 2015. Samatha majored in History with a focus on American History and minored in Art History. She would someday like to end up in a museum giving tours to students, but is also passionate about teaching and plans on becoming a Middle School Social Studies teacher. She is interested in how art and history are connected and can influence each other. 


Samantha was the Educational Programming intern for the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015. She helped research and draft the exhibit text for the Education in Orange County exhibit. Additionally, she led two educational walking tours of East Franklin Street  per month. Samantha helped raise sponsorships for the May 2015 exhibit: "It's because we are going toward home": Sense of Place among Civil War-Era North Carolinians. She also helped with various other research projects and work around the Horace Williams House.

Jan Elmore - Summer 2015
Historic Preservation Intern

Jan is from the small town of Lawndale, North Carolina. She is a junior at UNC Chapel Hill, double majoring in History (with an American History concentration) and Religious Studies. Her love of history was sparked by her family telling old stories, making her want to know about our collective past. She hopes to attend graduate school and pursue a degree in American History.


As a Historic Preservation Intern the summer of 2015, Jan worked on the Altemueller Farm House Project, a project that is dedicated to preserving one of the last extant 19th century farm houses in the area. She researched and wrote a report detailing the property, the people attached to it, and why it is important to preserve. Another aspect of Jan's internship was to write a Preservation Plaque history for the Chapel of the CrossShe also worked on the Old Chapel Hill Cemetery walking tour, adding and editing information, and leading the tour once a month. During the internship Jan was able to expand her research and writing skills, and learn more about what public history and preservation entail.

Kiever Hunter - Summer 2014
Historic Preservation Intern

As an intern, Kiever Hunter developed a web space for the homes that are a part of the Preservation Plaque Program. The Plaque Program seeks to recognize and designate historically and architecturally significant structures in Chapel Hill. Kiever provided the recognized homes with a web presence that consists of maps, contemporary photographs, and concise biographies that will assist in better educating interested residents and visitors of the history of Chapel Hill’s built landscape. Through the process, Kiever gained a deeper understanding of how historic built space influences the sense of place of a region. Read more about Kiever's work with PCH in UNC's article about the internship program. 


Kiever is from Boone, North Carolina and calls Appalachia his home. He is a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill and is studying Southern Studies, Political Science, and City and Regional Planning. He is interested in how built and natural environments influence how people interact with space and how it crafts a sense of place. Kiever hopes to work towards a future working in community development. Inspired by the region that raised him, Kiever hopes to remain a resident of the South.

Tyler Litke - Summer 2015
Historic Preservation Intern

Tyler is a rising senior at the University of North Carolina and is from Cary, North Carolina. She is a history major with a concentration in United States History and a minor in American Studies. Tyler plans to ultimately get a PhD and become a professor, though she is currently exploring her interests in the various opportunities the field of history provides.


Tyler was a Historic Preservation Intern during the summer of 2015. Her primary project was the 2015 Holiday House Tour, which entailed researching historic homes in the Chapel Hill area and writing house biographies. Additionally, Tyler contributed two house biographies to the plaque program (Isaac Manning House and the Roberson Cottage) and one for the Preservation Showcase Tour. Through this internship, she learned how to do deed research and write for a public audience while gaining a new appreciation for Chapel Hill and its residents

Claire Richie - Fall 2014-Spring 2015 
Educational Programming and Archival Intern

Claire was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. She is a junior at UNC-Chapel Hill double majoring in History (concentrating in ancient history) and English and minoring in archaeology. She hopes someday to find herself working in research and hopes to change the way that people look at history. 


Claire was the archival intern during the 2014-2015 school year. During her internship, her first project was taking photos and finishing the OnCell mobile tours done by a previous intern. After that, she worked primarily on archival collections, processing a donated collection and integrating new materials and collections into the existing archive. Claire's favorite projects to work on during her tenure were researching for the 2015 Voices from the Grave event and leading the Anonymous Was A Woman, Walk This Way! tour. Claire enjoyed her internship experience and encourages everyone to learn more about Chapel Hill's remarkable history.

Ethan Roy - Summer 2015
Historic Preservation Intern

Ethan Roy is a rising second year graduate student from Greenville, North Carolina. He obtained his undergraduate degree in history and political science from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and is currently in the graduate program of history at North Carolina Central University. His historical interests are United States history, Southern history, and African American history. Ethan is currently conducting researching for his thesis, focusing on slavery in Pitt County, North Carolina.


Ethan contributed to three easement report projects (Widow Puckett house, Old Tavern, and the Phillips Law Office) and completed one Preservation Plaque biography  for the Brockwell/Phi Mu House. His work on the easement reports included developing a resource survey for site visits, researching and drafting histories for each site, and compiling deed research for each site. Ethan also helped guide house tours during the Preservation Showcase Tour.

Kaitlyn Vogt - Summer 2014
Educational Programming Intern

Kaitlyn Vogt was one of our Educational Programming interns during the summer of 2014. She crafted the layout and conducted research for our Education in Orange County exhibit. Additionally she led an average of one walking tour a week, restructured and added to existing tours, and helped around the Horace Williams House. While she was unable to begin assembling the panels for the exhibit, she structured the exhibit and left detailed steps for the next intern. She edited several of our walking tours as well. Due to her efforts, we now have a Civil Rights focused walking tour that combined our existing West End and Northside tours and added two additional stops.  Read more about Kaitlyn's work with PCH in UNC's article about the internship program. 


This was Kaitlyn’s second internship with Preservation Chapel Hill. Previously, she was a historic preservation intern in the fall of 2012. She is from Cedar Grove, North Carolina and is a master’s student in Southern Studies at the University of Mississippi. Kaitlyn received her bachelors in American Studies in May 2013 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her master’s thesis will focus on the construction and performativity of the southern feminine as seen through the lens of southern food. After obtaining her masters, she intends to pursue a PhD in American Studies with the ultimate goal of working in a museum setting. Kaitlyn is particularly interested in interpretation, working with the public, and children’s programming.

Melanie Watson - Fall 2014-Spring 2015
Museum Studies Intern

Melanie is from Bahama, a small town in Northern Durham, North Carolina. She is a junior at UNC and is a double major is History and Art History. She has always been a Tar Heel, visiting the campus with her family routinely since she was four years old to watch the UNC volleyball team play. She aspires to work in the museum field, designing exhibitions and eventually doing curatorial work. 


While interning for Preservation Chapel Hill, Melanie designed the gallery guides that accompany monthly exhibitions at the Horace Williams House. She completed the gallery guides for all the exhibitions through June of 2016. She also spent a month at FRANK gallery on Franklin Street assisting in research and daily tasks. This spring, she designed and curated her own exhibit about the history of the Horace Williams House. The exhibition will be accompanied by art by Emily Roz, an artist who grew up in Chapel Hill. The exhibition will be up during the month of December in 2015.

Brenna Yellin - Summer 2015
Historic Preservation Intern

Brenna is from Cary, North Carolina. A May 2015 UNC graduate, Brenna majored in both History and German Studies. She enjoys combining her passion for German language with German history. She focuses primarily on modern German history, specifically women's history. Brenna plans on enrolling in a graduate program for history, which she hopes will also allow her to take many trips to Germany for archival research.


Brenna served as a Historic Preservation Intern for the summer of 2015. Brenna worked primarily on the Preservation Plaque Program and the Russell Grumman House, currently owned by the Nallys. For the Preservation Plaque program, she created an interactive map of the Plaques Houses, wrote biographies of houses, and updated information on Preservation Chapel Hill’s website. Her other project was writing a Resource Survey for the Russell Grumman house. The Resource Survey gave a history of the house and its important architectural features. To accomplish both projects, she learned how to do deed research, contextualize a building, and write about architecture. To conduct her research, she utilized public records, archival material, and secondary sources.