Henry-Nuzum House, c. 1918

213 N. Boundary Street


George Henry, a Latin professor at UNC, built the Henry-Nuzum house in 1918. Immigrating to America from Nova Scotia, Canada around 1890, Henry moved into the house with his wife and their children when Henry began his graduate degree in the Classics. Henry became the Assistant Registrar in Wilson Library in 1923. After George Henry’s death, Mrs. Henry continued to live in the house until she passed in 1966. Enlarged by thirty percent in the 1930s, the home gained new living and dining space. Dr. Claude Nuzum, professor of medicine at UNC, and his wife have further altered the structure of the home when they added a sunroom, a deck, and remodeled the kitchen; however, the heart pine floors are original to the home. Henry Nuzum, the son of Claude Nuzum, participated in both the 2000 and 2004 Olympic games on the rowing team.