Preservation Chapel Hill

 Holiday Stroll 2017

"A Progressive Cocktail Party House Tour"

The annual Holiday House Tour offers the opportunity to personally experience historic places in our community. Last year's tour was so popular we decided to have another unique tour. Guests will stroll on a candlelight tour of four distinctive private homes in the East Franklin-Rosemary Historic District enjoying wine and hors d'oeuvres at each stop. The tour will culminate at the Horace Williams House for a festive Dessert Party for all attendants.

Holiday House Tour Details


Tour Date:

The Holiday Stroll will be Friday, December 8, 2017 beginning at 6 pm followed by a Dessert Party at 9 pm at the Horace Williams House.


Description of Tour:

Guests will stroll in assigned groups on a designated schedule to each of the four houses enjoying hors d'oeuvres and drinks at each house. The final stop will be at the Horace Williams House for a Dessert Party for everyone attending. This is a wonderful opportunity for friends to get together for a holiday party. Please reserve your tickets with all the names of your group members. We will contact you before December 7, 2017 with your assigned group and start house location. Remember, there is limited space for this tour due to the unique evening. The tour sold out last year.

Featured Houses:

604 East Franklin Street  - The Lawson House

115 Battle Lane  -  The Edward Kidder Graham House

306 North Boundary Street  -  The Peacock House

611 East Rosemary Street  -  The Berry-Brown-Tax House

Ticket Information:

$60.00 per person for PCH members

$75.00 per person for Non-members

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You may also choose to be a Benefactor, Sponsor or Contributor.

Benefactor a $1000.00 donation will receive 6 tickets

Sponsor a $500.00 donation will receive 4 tickets

Contributor a $250 donation will receive 2 tickets

Call the Horace Williams House (919-942-7818) for credit card payment or send check to Preservation Chapel Hill at 610 E. Rosemary Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27514. Make checks payable to Preservation Chapel Hill with a House Tour notation. Please include names of people you would like in your tour group with your ticket order and include your email address for reservation confirmation. We will contact you before December 7, 2017 with your assigned group and start house location.

To purchase tickets by phone, call 919-942-7818.

To purchase tickets in person, visit our office at the Horace Williams House, 610 East Rosemary Street.

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Holiday Stroll 2017  / Chapel Hill, NC

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