Junius Webb House, c.1913

302 Pittsboro Street



Junius D. Webb, best known in Chapel Hill for his reconstruction of the commerical section of Franklin Street, purchased the lot on which this house sits in 1894. He bought the land from David McCauley, after whom the Cameron-McCauley Historic District is named for. Webb built the house in 1913. The house was home for Webb, his wife Miriam, and their eight children until 1918. The Colonial Revival style home has undergone several renovations and additions, but the originial frame remains visible.


The Junius Webb House passed through many hands until 1958 when Kappa Jappa Gamma Fraternity, Inc. purchased the home. Kappa Kappa Gamma - Epsilon Gamma Chapter still owns the home, utilizing the space  for active members to live, host social events, and hold academic banquets. Since purchasing the home, the sorority house has been home to over 2,000 UNC women.