Kennette House, c. 1897

524 East Franklin Street

This house, built in 1897, originally belonged to Charles Baskerville, who served as faculty in the UNC Chemistry Department. In 1905, Baskerville sold the house to Charles Herty, who also worked in the Chemistry Department. The Kennette family owned the house for the longest period of time. Joseph Kennette purchased the home in 1920 while working as a law professor at UNC. The house stayed in the Kennette family until Ernestine, their oldest daughter, died in 1984.


The two-story Queen Anne-style home has undergone many renovations and additions over the years. Most notably, during the 1980s the house was painted purple. Past owner Kristina Lee renovated the house in the early 1980s turning the dining room into a living room, the master bedroom into a kitchen, and the kitchen into an office. Additions made to the home in 1998 by past owners Margaret and Clay Hammer include rear and south side porches, a break room, a master bedroom on the main floor, and a separate garage to the rear. Renovation work includes repairs to the original wall siding and shingles as well as repainting the exterior to keep with the house’s early paint color.