Meet the Interns

Beth Bullock

Historic Preservation Internship

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Class of 2013


Major: History – American Concentration

Minors: Archaeology and Hispanic Studies

Hometown: Wilson, NC

As a history lover, I am excited to have the opportunity to work with the Preservation Society of Chapel Hill, learning about the history of this area and helping to preserve it for the community and later generations. Having worked previously at both a museum and a historic park, I am also excited to further explore the field of public history and preservation. Through my work with the Preservation Society, I hope to learn more about the town of Chapel Hill, my home away from home, and the the different stories it has to tell.

Charles Langston Harris
African American History Internship


North Carolina Central University
Class of 2013


Major: History - History of Ideas Concentration
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

I am excited to be able to work with the Chapel Hill Preservation Society as an intern. Getting a chance to better understand the history behind the city I was born and raised in is not a chance that comes along often. Studying as a history major at North Carolina Central University in Durham, we are limited in what areas we can study, so being able to get my feet wet in preservation is a chance I do not want to pass up. I hope to take full advantage of this opportunity to grow as a historian and as a citizen of Chapel Hill.​​​​​

Shannon Harvey
Historic Preservation Internship


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

PhD Candidate

Department of Religious Studies
Hometown: Austin, TX

I have a BA in History, Religious Studies, and Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin, and I’m currently working on a PhD in Religious Studies at UNC. I study the religious history of the American South, with a focus on social activism, memory studies, and issues related to class, poverty and economic justice. I plan to work in the field of public history once I complete my degree. I am excited to be interning at the Preservation Society this semester. Through my work on the Historic Plaque Program, I hope to learn more about the history and built environment of Chapel Hill as well as how local historical organizations operate and engage the wider community.

N’Yaisha Aziz
Digital Technology Internship


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Class of 2014


Major(s): Journalism and Mass Communication (Public Relations), History (American History)

Hometown: New York, NY

I am excited to hold my first internship outside of journalism with Preservation Chapel Hill! Although I focus on Preservation Chapel Hill’s digital presence, I also have the opportunity to collect and produce content regarding my passion – history! I am an outsider looking in. I couldn’t ask for a better position to study and learn more about the town I call my second home. I am grabbing this bull by the horns and I will definitely enjoy every moment of the ride!

Mandy Tompkins
Educational Programming Internship


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Class of 2013


Major: History - American Concentration

Minor: American Studies 

Hometown: Indian Trail, NC

I am a senior history lover exploring graduate schools for a future career in public history or museum studies.  I am very excited about learning more about the history of Chapel Hill, where I have spent almost four years as a student.  As an educational programming intern, I will be researching and learning more about the history of the Horace Williams House as I work to develop a cell phone based tour as well as a new self-guided tour for visitors to the house.  After working at Wilson Library in the archives as well as having a summer internship at the Levine Museum of the New South, I look forward to this great opportunity to work with Preservation Chapel Hill!

Preservation Chapel Hill  Internship

Undergraduate or Graduate Student

Interests: History, Public History, Museum Studies, Preservation

Availability: Fall, Summer, or Spring

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