Preservation Chapel Hill

Our Mission

Preservation Chapel Hill is dedicated to protecting the character and heritage of the Town of Chapel Hill, and the surrounding community, through the preservation and conservation of its historic buildings and cultural landscapes.


To achieve our mission, our approach is three-fold:


We preserve historic structures and places by offering Preservation Loans for rehabilitation and renovation projects, preparing Historic Structure Reports and conducting resource surveys at a reduced fee, and consulting with property owners during the design phase of projects in preparation for making applications to the Historic District District Commission, Planning Board, or Town Council.


We advocate for preservation initiatives by encouraging projects that balance the need for development and growth with the desire to retain our historic resources. We work with partners in economic development, heritage tourism, public education, and local government to ensure a voice for historic preservation is present in the decision-making process.


We educate the public and our partners about what historic preservation is, why it matters, and how it can be a tool to achieve our community's goals. The field of historic preservation has developed and changed over the last fifty years, and we are a resource for understanding its role in today's society.