Preservation Chapel Hill

Preservation Plaque Program

The Preservation Chapel Hill’s Historic Plaque Program
recognizes and designates historically and architecturally
significant structures in our community.

West Chapel Hill

Howard Odum House, c.1923
2 Briar Bridge Lane
​Mallette-Wilson-Maurice House, c.1845
215 W. Cameron Avenue​
Pool-Patterson  House, c.1870
403 W. Cameron Avenue​
Mason-Lloyd-Wiley House, c.1860
412 W. Cameron Avenue​
Scott-Gattis-Allen House, c.1860
400 W. Cameron Avenue
Junius Webb House, c. 1913
302 Pittsboro Street

East Chapel Hill


Edward Kidder Graham House, c.1906

115 Battle Lane


Henry-Nuzum House, c. 1918  

213 North Boundary Street


Wagstaff-Brown House, c.1907
214 North Boundary Street​
Arthur C. and Mary S. A. Nash House, c.1926
124 South Boundary Street

Anderson-Holton House, c.1968

601 Brookview Drive
Bahansen-Herzenberg House, c.1915 ​
6 Cobb Terrace​

Chapel of the Cross, c.1843

304 East Franklin Street


​Phillips Law Office, c.1840

401 East Franklin Street


Phillips House, c.1856

407 East Franklin Street

James Lee Love House, c.1887
410 East Franklin Street
Widow Puckett House, c.1818
501 East Franklin Street​ 

Hooper-Kyser House, c.1814

504 East Franklin Street


Presbyterian Manse, c.1840

513 East Franklin Street


Cobb House, c.1893

517 East Franklin Street


Roberson Cottage, c.1920

520 East Franklin Street 


Kennette House, c. 1897

524 East Franklin Street

Trabue-Cobb House, c.1925
603 East Franklin Street


Lawson House, c.1880

604 East Franklin Street


​Pratt-Wells House, c.1907

704 East Franklin Street


Holmes-Koch House, c.1913

204 Glenburnie Street


Brockwell House, c.1925

211 Henderson Street


Farrar-Pagano House, c.1929

114 Laurel Hill Road


Old Methodist Church, c.1853
201 East Rosemary Street
Mickle-Mangum-Smith House, c.1855
315 East Rosemary Street​
Chapel of the Cross Rectory, c.1914
501 East Rosemary Street
Isaac Manning House, c.1899
507 East Rosemary Street
Louis Round Wilson House, c. 1911
607 East Rosemary Street


Horace Williams House, c.1854

610 East Rosemary Street


Berry-Brown-Tax House, c.1914
611 East Rosemary Street​


Stacy-Cain House, c.1912

615 East Rosemary Street

Van Hecke-Scroggs-Bean-Petrow House, c.1932
719 East Rosemary Street


Hibbard-Martin House, c.1924

519 Senlac Drive


Tenney Farmhouse, c.1810
381 Tenney Circle

William MacNider House, c. 1918

737 E. Franklin Street


Royster-Umstead House, c. 1923

619 E. Franklin Street


To apply for a Preservation Plaque for your historic home or business, download the application here.