Scott-Gattis-Allen House, c.1860

400 W. Cameron Avenue


The lot where the Scott-Gattis-Allen House sits is a part of the original 221 acres granted to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The University sold the one-acre lot to Ed Mallette who in turn sold the lot to Calvin Scott, a Chapel Hill merchant and elder in the Presbyterian Church. Completed in 1860, the original house consisted of four rooms, but has since undergone three changes. Wounded and imprisoned by Union forces, Scott served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. After the war, Scott never returned to his home in Chapel Hill and sold his home to James Mason in 1881.


Dr. Robert E. Gattis, a doctor from Orange County, purchased the house when he and his wife, Lula Foushee, moved to Chapel Hill in 1902. Dr. Gattis was a partner in the Eubanks Drug Store. When Dr. Gattis died from a bout with typhoid fever, his wife remained in the house to raise their six daughters and rented rooms to boarders. Among these renters were two future UNC presidents, Franklin Porter Graham and Marvin Hendrix Stacy.


Dr. Marvin Allen lived in the home for numerous years with his wife, Mrs. Marvin Allen. A professor of physical education at UNC, Dr. Allen started the soccer program at UNC and coached its first team. Allen coached the team until 1976.  The North Carolina Soccer Hall of Fame inducted Allen in 1998.