Van Hecke-Scroggs-Bean-Petrow House, c.1932

719 E. Rosemary Street


If you travel down the gravel extension of E. Rosemary Street, you can find the secluded Van Hecke-Scroggs-Bean-Petrow House.  Built in 1932 by Maurice Van Hecke, the house was his home until his death in 1942. Van Hecke became UNC’s law school dean in 1931. In 1939, he also became the first dean of North Carolina Central University’s law school while continuing to act as dean of UNC’s law school. Van Hecke also created the North Carolina Law Review, which earned him appointments from both Presidents Delano Roosevelt and Harry Truman to head a special committee on problems facing migrant workers. In more recent memory, the home takes part of its name from education reformer, Mary Adkins Scroggs. Elected to the Carrboro-Chapel Hill Board of Education in 1961, Scroggs began her career reforming education. Serving until 1977, she became a major proponent of school desegregation and improving the quality of schools in her community.