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Historic Properties of Interest

Phillips Law Office.jpg

In 2019, Preservation Chapel Hill resumed publication of a list of historic properties of  interest within our community.


The 2024-2025 properties of note are listed by category below.  

Examples of Preserved Properties

Edward Kidder Graham House, 115 Battle Lane, Chapel Hill* 

Horace Williams House, 610 E. Rosemary Street, Chapel Hill* 

Andrews Cottage, 219 C McCauley Street, Chapel Hill* 

Strayhorn House, 109 Jones Ferry Road, Carrboro* 

Cobb Family Pony Stable, 514 E. Rosemary Street, Chapel Hill* 

Hargraves Center, 216 N. Roberson Street, Chapel Hill 

Velma Perry House, 308 Lindsey St, Chapel Hill

Battle House (Senlac) 203 Battle Lane, Chapel Hill

Mickle-Mangum-Smith House, 315 E. Rosemary Street, Chapel Hill*


*Preserved in part or full by Preservation Chapel Hill 


Old Chapel Hill Town Hall, 100 W. Rosemary Street, Chapel Hill 

Hogan Farmhouse, 1641 Martin Luther King Blvd, Chapel Hill

Phillips Law Office, 401 E. Franklin Street, Chapel Hill*

Robert Strowd House, 51 Davie Circle, Chapel Hill

Pritchard House, 208 Pritchard Avenue, Chapel Hill


Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) Building, 221 S. Columbia Street, UNC  campus, Chapel Hill 

Hogan-Rogers Family Gravesite, Purefoy Drive, Chapel Hill 

NOTE: PCH remains deeply concerned that the special character and sense of place of our historic districts will be endangered by a Town zoning amendment that encourages infill in single-family zoned neighborhoods. PCH recommends that our local and National Register historic districts be exempted from this zoning change.


Martin-Dey House, 401 E. Rosemary Street, Chapel Hill 

West House, Old Fraternity Row, UNC campus 

Hogan-Rogers Homeplace, Rogers Road, Chapel Hill

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