Mason-Lloyd-Wiley House, c.1860

412 W. Cameron Avenue


James B. Mason, the first known owner of the home, bought the home from Turner Bynum in 1878. Mason, a graduate of UNC, served on the trustees committee between 1871-1875 when the University closed during Reconstruction. Built around 1860,  the exact date of construction remains a mystery due to missing records. Handmade nails and bricks are evidence of the age of Mason-Lloyd-Wiley House.  Since brick construction is rare in residential homes in Chapel Hill, especially in pre-20th century homes, the Mason-Lloyd-Wiley home is unique to Chapel Hill. 


In 1885, James Mason sold the home to Confederate veteran Thomas F. Lloyd. Lloyd, an industrialist, constructed the first textile mill in Carrboro. Constructed in 1898, the textile mill was known as the Alberta Mill and was located at the West End railroad depot in Carrboro. Julian S. Carr purchased the mill ten years later. Today, the mill still stands and is now the Carr Mill Mall, a popular shopping and restaurant destination. 


Purchased by William L. and Dorothy Ford Wiley in 1938, renovations to the home allowed for plumbing, electricity, and heat. W.L. Wiley, a French Professor, joined the faculty of the Department of Romance Languages at UNC and wrote numerous books in the home.